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Links and Partners

The Architecture Ensemble.

Contact: Steven Johnson 

Address: 11 Cosmo Place, London WC1N 3AP

Tel: 020 7278 7065

Email: steve@archen.demon.co.uk

Web: www.thearchitectureensemble.com



David Saunders

Email: info@woodnet.org.uk


Arborweald Environmental Planning.

Contact: David Kavanagh-Spall 

Woodland Enterprise Centre, East Sussex TN5 7PR

Tel: 01580 754 996

Email: david.arborweald@outlook.com


Contact: Andrew Trotman 

Tel: 0777 928 0766

Email: enquiries@timberwright.co.uk

Web: www.timberwright.co.uk

Professor Bob Sheil.


The Bartlett School of Architecture

University College London


Website and Communications

Contact: Anthony Haastrup

Address: 1- 7 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD

Tel: 020  7439 0010

Email: info@web4budget.com

Jericho Road.

Community Engagament 

Contact: Jess Steele

Email: jess@jerichoroad.co.uk

Web: www.jerichoroad.co.uk

Roma Backhouse.

Creative and Executive Consultant 

Tel: 0780 393 0919

Email: roma@romabackhouse.co.uk

Max Fordham.

Environmental Engineering 

Address: The Rotunda, 42-43 Gloucester Crescent, London NW1 7PE

Tel: 020 7267 5161

Email: post@maxfordham.com

Web: www.maxfordham.com/london