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Gallery-Cafe Building.

During discussions with the Parish Council’s planners, a strong recommendation was made that, if we were to build a workshop complex on the site, it would be good to include a shared building where work produced in the workshops could be shown, food and drink could be offered, meeting spaces provided, and technical equipment shared. This chimed well with our original plans to include a small public restaurant, cafe, and visitor centre into the development to welcome, shelter, and refresh users and visitors to Flimwell Park. The aim is that the gallery will showcase work produced on the site as well as work created in the area and from beyond. Likewise, the cafe will serve food grown on the site, and prepared using site-produced fuel, and food grown in the local area and region.

The overall project will need a small team to run and manage the many activities happening on the site. With this in mind, a small rooftop office was added to the Gallery-Cafe to complete a reasonably small building that will perform a central role within the larger project.

Properties Within site.

This building will be run as part of the project and will be entirely open to the visiting public and all who work, learn, and live on the site. Along with the Focal Building, this building will form the main public entrance to the site complete with an outdoor, covered gathering space to allow people to orient themselves on the site.