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Artisan Workshops.

Along with the Gallery-Cafe Building and the first Project Cottage, the Artisan Workshops will be the first buildings to be built at Flimwell Park. They will form the southern edge of the upper site clearing and the northern edge of the eastern woodland. They will form a feathered edge between woodland and architecture.  

The Artisan Workshops have been designed as a series of individual, freestanding, small but flexible work spaces standing at a variety of heights on stilts. The Planning consent is for B1 use, but with a preference on arts, crafts, and design activities. The 2-storey, all-timber, 3.6x12 metre workshops will be connected to each other and the Gallery-Caf√© Building by a raised running boardwalk. The boardwalk is designed to be integrated into the adjoining woodland maintaining level access despite the sloping woodland floor below.  The dramatic result will be that the western workshops will be standing almost on the ground while the eastern ones will almost appear as treehouses. This layout will give workshop occupants a unique view of the woodland setting while providing an opportunity for collaboration and connection with other workshop users, the wider site, and its users and visitors. Our hope is to create an onsite community that makes use of and will be inspired by this beautiful and unique place while also linking into the wider creativity community across the South East.

Properties Within site.

This will be the westernmost workshop standing adjacent to the Gallery-Cafe. The following workshops will be built along the northern woodland edge in an easterly direction along a level boardwalk giving easy access to buildings as the ground drops beneath them. At the eastern end, the buildings will be raised on stilts about seven metres above the forest floor. They will be virtual treehouses.